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Red Tubular Cotton Pack

Skein-folded sock netting that does not incorporate the Cotton Plus® system. This type of netting is being replaced by our patented Cotton Plus® product.

Cotton Pack® composition

Tubular netting used with the old retubing machines.

Cot 100: 100% cotton fibre. The net degrades in about 15 days.

Net with entry width from 39 to 51 cm and 30/40 meshes.

Used to unfold the mussel.

Cotton Pack®

Outer packaging in a transparent plastic bag containing 6,000 meters of Cotton Pack® tubular netting, in the following sizes:

40×150 meters

20×300 meters

12×500 meters

Yarn qualities

4 jotas: superior fibre quality and high resistance to breakage. Excellent results.

Others: It’s possible to make the net with fibres of other qualities.


1.51 metres of Cotton Pack® are required for 1 linear metre of rope.

Technical tips for the proper use of Cotton Pack®

Place the Cotton Pack® in the charger in the direction indicated by the arrow. Otherwise the net will not work properly.