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Experience, our great value.

JJ Chicolino is made up of a great team of professionals who, supported by Innovation, make any project possible and achieve excellence through the total satisfaction of our clients. With our Integrity we get projects to grow thanks to our Closeness with the client in all phases of the projects we develop, providing a Guarantee of success based on our experience of more than 40 years, our knowledge of the sector and the quality of our products.

Comprehensive technical projects

When an idea is born, it is always important to make it a reality. At JJ Chicolino, we are clear about this, and that is why, since our inception as a company, we have always developed ideas that have been transformed into comprehensive products or productive projects for the aquaculture sector. Our technical team knows how to do it.

Design and construction of Off shore / On shore facilities.

We go further and further


Our origin

The company founded by Juan José Fajardo was born, beginning to manufacture raft ropes in the family house, driven by the great demand of the moment in the Galician mussel farming sector.



The JJ Chicolino brand is consolidated in the Galician sector as a technological and innovative benchmark.


International Image

The aquaculture sector is growing worldwide as a result of the great demand for seafood and JJ Chicolino opens up markets in other countries.


Our objetive

Supply of the fishing sector and development of comprehensive projects in aquaculture at an international level, intervening and projecting the entire process: Design, construction, development and supply.

Our processes

For more than 40 years we have guaranteed quality products, carrying out the creation process with the necessary care and dedication. One of our pillars is based on the process of creating our products with high-quality and recycled raw materials, guaranteeing our commitment to sustainability.