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Circular Economy

A sustainable project with a future.

JJ Chicolino has been recovering, recycling and designing nets from fishing and aquaculture for more than 40 years to give them a second life, manufacturing products for aquaculture and raw materials for industrial manufacturing processes. As a company we are committed and we are aware that the future of the planet depends on the correct management of processes and a philosophy based on the circular economy, where the circle is closed by recovering, recycling, redesigning, reducing, reusing, repairing and renewing.

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With the current production model we are depleting our natural resources, so the circular economy proposes a new model of society that uses and optimizes materials and waste, giving them a second life. To have a sustainable development, the product must be designed to be reused and recycled. Thanks to eco-design, from the first piece to the last, they can be reused or recycled once their useful life has ended.