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Signaling buoys G 800 | G1200 | G1800 |

Signal buoys are designed for maritime signalling, aquaculture or environmental monitoring.

General characteristics
Manufactured in rotomoulded polyethylene with an internal metallic structure that makes them more resistant and durable.
Non-degradable in the marine environment or solar radiation.
Unsinkable: filled with closed cell polyurethane.
Can support an aluminium mast fitted with a passive radar reflector and a daytime stop signal.
Easy installation.
Design and manufactured according to IALA Standard.
Available location module via GPRS or satellite in case of loss due to anchor breakage (optional)
Buoy body HDPE rotomoulded polyethylene.
Minimum thickness: 6 mm | 10 mm
Closed cell polyurethane inner padding.
Aluminium marine derrick.
Stainless steel screws
Carmanah Lantern.
TROBA-GPRS and TROBA-SAT location systems

(Dimensions may vary ± 2%)