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Net complements

Exclusively for wrapping the exterior of the Cotton Plus® and Cotton Pack® sock netting so that mussels are better tightened to the rope, and less prone to dropping off during the unfolding operation.


Cotton acetate: Natural chemical fiber. Nylon: Synthetic fiber. Does not disappear.

Network add-ons

Coils of 4 and 9 mesh width (halves and giants).


Giant Cotton / Acetate: box of 12 units x 400 meters. giants

Nylon: box of 12 x 800 meters.

halves: box of 24 coils.

Yarn qualities

4 jotas: superior fibre quality and high resistance to breakage. Excellent results.

Others: It’s possible to make the net with fibres of other qualities.


2 metres of netting are needed for each metre of tubular mesh.