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Mooring ropes and lines

New, substandard and used cordage.

In JJ Chicolino we have a wide range of new, substandard and reused twine (see circular economy section). We adapt to the needs of our customers looking for the best tie-down solution.

General characteristics
High and medium tenacity ropes and cordage.
Produced in nylon, polyester, polysteel, etc.
Twisted, guide, braided, etc. construction.
Large stocks, very competitive prices.
We cut to size.
Technical notes
New: cordage manufactured according to the corresponding quality standards.
Substandard: rope from auctions, surplus production, etc.
Used: second-hand cordage recovered.
We have specific models for longline
Polysteel poles for mother line, buoy attachment and dead anchoring, section from 48 mm to 80 mm.
High tenacity polyester guide lines for mooring buoys.
Cultivation rope ends between 16 and 22 mm section.