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FT long-line float

Float for double or single “Longline” suspended cultivation.

Manufactured with PEHD tube and injected caps.
Flexibility and high impact resistance.
Great stability on the line.
Hole for the mother line with its own safety system.
Can be manufactured in different lengths according to the customer’s needs.
Handles for easy handling.
Can incorporate ropes of various diameters.
Black colour.
Technical data
Main diameter 450 mm
Clamping hole diameter 60 mm
Rope diameters of up to 58 mm
Suitable for single or double Longline cultivation
Wall thickness PE 11 mm

Maximum recommended pressure: 2.5 bar

Buoyancy Total = Thrust – piece weight.

Useful buoyancy = 50% of total buoyancy.

(Dimensions may vary ± 2%)