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FAD FT Plates

Tunahome “star” is a plate that has 14 holes, 4 in the centre of the 55 mm diameter piece and another 10 in the corners. On one side it has 6 holes in the two corners and another 4 in the other two corners. With two types of models: 79 mm – 47 mm.

Material used for manufacturing
Outer material: Polyethylene from circular economy.
Inner material: Polyurethane with special formulation that provides buoyancy to the piece.
Features Tunahome “Star” 79 mm
Diameter: 1800mm
Thickness: 79 mm
Total weight: 33.89 Kg
Floating capacity: 179.60 Kg
Own weight: 33.89 Kg
Net flotation: 145.71 Kg
Features Tunahome “Star” 47 mm
Diameter: 1800mm
Thickness: 47 mm
Total weight: 25.50 Kg
Floating capacity: 179.60 Kg
Own weight: 25.50 Kg
Net flotation: 80.20 Kg