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Cotton Plus

Folded sock netting that has a cardboard sleeve in its interior (patented Cotton Plus® system) which facilitates fast positioning on the loader of the retubing machine. Packaged with or without handle.

Composition of Cotton Plus®
Cot 100: 100% cotton fibre. The net degrades in about 15 days.
Raylon:  50% cotton fibre and 50% polyester. Polyester will not disappear.
Others: it could be manufactured with another percentage of polyester depending on the culture necessities. For example, 80% polyester and 20% cotton.
Cotton Plus® with handle
Outer packaging in opaque blue plastic bag with handle for better transportation that contains 3,000 m of new Cotton Plus® sock netting with handle, in the following standard sizes:
    Classic: 6 x 500 metres.
    Ultraplus: 6 x 500 metres.
    Premium 100: 6 x 500 metres.
Packaging and content
Outer packaging in a transparent plastic bag containing 6000 m of Cotton Plus® sock netting, in the following standard sizes:
Classic: 15 x 400 and 12 x 500 metres.
Ultraplus: 12 x 500 metres.
Premium 100: 12 x 500 metres.
Yarn qualities
4 jotas: superior fibre quality and high resistance to breakage. Excellent results.
Others: It’s possible to make the net with fibres of other qualities.
1.51 metres of Cotton Plus® is required for 1 linear metre of rope.
Cotton Plus® Classic
Sock netting used with the classic Aguín A-2 retubing machine.
Entry width 51 cm and 30 meshes.
Used only for unfolding mussels.
Cotton Plus® Ultraplus
Sock netting used with the new Aguín A-4 retubing machine.
Net with more yarn than the Classic, which makes the mesh smaller.
Entry width 51 cm and 40 meshes.
This net is used for seeding as well as for unfolding.
Cotton Plus® Premium 100
Very dense.
Many more threads than the Cotton Classic and Ultraplus.
Entry width 51 cm and 48 meshes.
Very resistant.
Used for planting seed and for unfolding.
High-end socking.