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Cotton Line

Continuous sock netting made in different mesh sizes and presented in rolls. It is used for mussel retubing with different methods than the traditional, normally accompanied by an outer cover of plastic sock netting.

Cotton Line® Composition
Cot 100: 100% cotton fibre. The net degrades in about 15 days.
Raylon: 50% cotton fibre – 50% polyester. Polyester will not disappear.
Others: it could be manufactured with another percentage of polyester depending on the culture necessities. For example, 80% polyester and 20% cotton.
Other types of Cotton Line®
Other sizes can be made according to the customer’s needs.
Packaging and content
Rolls of 2,000 metres.
Yarn qualities
3 Jotas: normal fibre quality and good resistance.
4 Jotas: superior fibre quality and great resistance.