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Red Tubular Cotton Line

Tubular netting manufactured in continuous in different dimensions and presented in reels. It is used for mussel stringing with methods other than the traditional one (rope cultivation without stick). It is normally complemented with the use of plastic netting for stuffing or protection.

Cotton Line® composition

Tubular netting used with the old retubing machines.

Cot 100: 100% cotton fibre. The net degrades in about 15 days.

Net with entry width from 39 to 51 cm and 30/40 meshes.

Used to unfold the mussel.

Cotton Line®
Other sizes can be manufactured according to customer’s request.
Rolls with 2,000 meters.
Yarn qualities

4 jotas: superior fibre quality and high resistance to breakage. Excellent results.

Others: It’s possible to make the net with fibres of other qualities.