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Algae cultivation systems

Seaweed farming or commonly called algae farming has established itself as one of the fastest growing sectors of global aquaculture. Its applications are established in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, processing industry or directly in food.
These species of algae, classified according to their colour into brown, red and green, are cultivated in the sea in floating structures that serve as a support for them to grow, able to directly access the nutrients and receive the solar radiation necessary for their growth.
Algae crops are not only a source of raw material for industry, but also have incredible benefits, as they create what are known as “biotopes”, since algae not only clean the water, but also attract life. That is to say, it germinates an entire ecosystem under its crops, improving fishing and contributing to the life of marine species.
In JJ Chicolino we are aware of the need to promote these crops and we have relied on our extensive experience in offshore aquaculture to develop floating structures applied to the cultivation of macroalgae guided at all times by innovation and continuous improvement in the sector.